If I’m gonna do Ombré coloring, then I’m gonna truly do it and do it right! #naturalhair #haircolor #ombrehair

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12.3.12 Today’s hair: #protectivestyling with #flattwists that I did myself. Very happy with this overall look! #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @thenaturalcommunity @curlbox @naturalhairbeautiesofig

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Gotta add this one to the arsenal!!! #sesamestreet #naturalhair #I❤MyHair #tees 😍😍😍

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Grateful to see another day and that God kept me to have another holiday. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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Day 4 (shoutout to the Quads) of my #curlyfro. The left side of my head (top right) is acting a donkey while the right side (bottom right) is loving me. Any suggestions on how to get more consistency on both sides? #naturalhair #naturalhairproblems

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11.20.12 “Last Day of Work Before Break” photo shoot…day 3 of the #curlyfro. #naturalhair @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairdaily

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How did your Curly Fro turn out?

I just posted a photo of the updated version. Better the second time…thanks for asking! Be blessed!!

Somewhat a perfectionist, couldn’t accept that first attempt at my #curlyfro. #sheabutter and light #ecostyler for my second attempt, much better results. #ServedSunday @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @mahoganycurls #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily

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Soror Erique’s #sisterlocks are ALWAYS on point! #naturalhair

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Crossing my fingers that my attempt at @mahoganycurls Curly Fro works out in the morning. I don’t think I’ve ever cursed as much (Lord forgive me) as I did tonight while dealing with perm rods and twisting backwards to only have to retwist later. If mine turns out half as gorgeous as hers, then I will be pleased. #curlyfro #permrodset #naturalhair #hairenvy

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HOUSTON: Check out this awesome J’Spice Daytime Party during the Thanksgiving break on November 24th.  You definitely will be in for a treat.

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Today’s hair is a #protectivestyle done by my BMama @tamarafloyd of @naturalhairrule that is inspired by @naturalrsalon. iLike 😍😍😍#naturalhair #naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare

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