Hello I just have a quick question I live in Houston like you I am currently trying to transition. My last relaxer was 5 months ago. Can you recommend any stylist in the Houston area?

Shekeylla at Mystique Nfactuation is great. She’s off of Kirby and 610. Her number is 713-873-1616. Sorry for the delay.

you have nice hair

Thank you so much!

i enjoy your perspective and style, miss. hope all is well on your end of the world. stay beautiful

Thank you so much and sorry for the delayed response. Be Blessed.

For those moments when we forget…

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I’m in the running for #BlackGirlLongHair Style Icon of 2012!!!!! So honored and excited!! Please go vote for me at http://blackgirllonghair.com/2012/12/vote-for-the-2012-bglh-style-icon-of-the-year/. I’m the first pic you’ll see since I was featured in January!! #naturalhair #bglh #styleicon #2012

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Vote for Me!!!!

Please support me in “The Natural You” model contest. Your vote is very much appreciated. Be Blessed!!

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VOTE FOR ME!!! http://naturalwomanmag.strutta.com/entry/1115406

This is my signature style. I love twist outs and having lots of thickness and length makes this style speak volumes. I love this natural hair of mine!!


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Happy Thursday Morning! These emotions tried to take over this week, but I know it’s only the devil trying to distract me from trusting in HIM. Just part of HIS divine plan…be blessed folks!

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12.12.12 Feeling royal 👑 with my @naturallysupreme gold and my purple scarf.

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Simple protective style for tonight’s Epiphany concert: #flattwists across the front and a twisted bun at the back. Easy and Elegant, iLove. #naturalhair #protectivestyling #bun #

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I should be asleep but there’s no way I couldn’t post this right now! #blessed #God 🙌

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If I’m gonna do Ombré coloring, then I’m gonna truly do it and do it right! #naturalhair #haircolor #ombrehair

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12.3.12 Today’s hair: #protectivestyling with #flattwists that I did myself. Very happy with this overall look! #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @thenaturalcommunity @curlbox @naturalhairbeautiesofig

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