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I’m so lusting over these curls!!!!

I’m so lusting over these curls!!!!

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Love Ledisi and this shirt!


Loving the color! Simply beautiful @ledisi!

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She’s beautiful.

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Love this updo.

Love this updo.

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ReVele: We are the only race


That when we finally decide to embrace our hair for what it is and actually love the kinks and curls

We call it a trend. -______-

It is just hair and it is great that girls are loving what God has given them so calm yo self, women already have to go through a lot in the self esteem area.


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Gorgeous Locs!


I’m obsessed. I always wanted to lock my hair when I was little but my mom always said I should wait until I was older cause I might change my mind. And she was right because when I was older I did change my mind, I wanted the straight look and the natural look and I did braids and I did twists and I did curls and blah blah blah I’ve done it all and I think I’ve come back full circle. Finally ready for some locs! Locking my hair when I come home for thanksgiving I can’t wait!!! 

I told shorty you know what he said? “Do it. If you like it, I love it.” Lmfao I love him man I swear I do. 

Gah can’t wait!

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Simply Beautiful.

Simply Beautiful.

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Finally tamed and tied up. #naturalhair #flattwists #ecostyler (Taken with Instagram)

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Moments like this are when I get the urge to CHOP this stuff off!! 💇😫✂ #naturalhair #longhair #thickhair (Taken with Instagram)

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#naturalhair tip for achieving my #twistouts. (Taken with Instagram)

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Young, Wild and Free #nofilter #naturalhair #teamnatural #twistout (Taken with Instagram)

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I’m officially mad at @tinnell83 for making my face this pretty knowing that I was gonna have to wash this off at night’s end!!! I just wanna cry, real tears. 😭😭Thanks again Sis, you are officially my makeup artist along with @kristinjcoyle. #makeup #naturalhair #teamnatural (Taken with Instagram)

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Got to meet @ladykandice and her daughter Elizabeth at today’s photo shoot for Earth’s Nectar. And we didn’t even know we were both in Houston! Very sweet two, follow her on Instagram!! (Taken with Instagram at Natural Resources Salon)

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Then and Now four years later. #NaturalHair does grow! @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @thenaturalcommunity #teamnatural #twistout (Taken with Instagram)

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9.18.12 Today’s twists: should be a great twist out to celebrate 4 years being natural. Looking forward to this day off, getting made up by @tinnell83 and a photo shoot for @naturalrsalon later today! #naturalhair #teamnatural #twostrandtwists #twistout #nappiversary (Taken with Instagram)

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