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Me and my BABY!!! None greater in the world than my Mama… 😍😘❀. (Taken with Instagram)

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From a 6th grader…why I usually love my job! #teachers #education (Taken with Instagram)

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Aaliyah is the Epitome of artists that are gone too soon. Used to rock my hair like her and everything…HUGE FAN. I remember the night I heard the news and totally didn’t believe she was gone. 11 years later and I still jam her more than many female artists. Still much love for Baby Girl! #RIP #Aaliyah #GoneTooSoon (Taken with Instagram)

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Thank you Father. #God (Taken with Instagram)

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Possibly my favorite yet…Blue Ice! Definitely seeing nail growth applying a new set every two weeks. #sallyhansen #naileffects #blueice #nailart (Taken with Instagram)

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Last night of summer break…reflecting and seeing that so much did and didn’t happen as expected, but I learned so much about myself these last 80 days. Planning to complete my to-do list by the end of 2012. Everything happens for a reason, so no complaints, only blessings. #summer2012 #reflections #naturalhair #twists (Taken with Instagram)

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God’s Timing: Some message, different day…this keeps popping up in my life, so I take it as God’s reminder that HE knows what HE is doing. #God #HIStiming #faith #trust (Taken with Instagram)

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I’m loving the detail of this style as the days progress. Can style the back, eventually untwist, wear the twists at a longer length, etc. VERSATILITY! #teamnatural #naturalhair #braids #twists @naturalhairbeautiesofig @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @naturalherstory @thenaturalcommunity (Taken with Instagram)

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I Shall Win. (Taken with Instagram)

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Check out my HairStory on Natural Hair Rules!!

Much love to my BM Tamara Floyd for letting me share my natural hair experience!! It took a while, but I’m finally truly sharing and hoping to inspire others.

Be Blessed!!

- Ash

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8.15.12 Today’s hair: Intricate braid design with individual two strand twists…LOVE ❀!! Thanks @naturalt79!! #teamnatural #naturalhair #braids #twists @naturalhairbeautiesofig @naturalhairdaily @naturalhairdoescare @naturalherstory (Taken with Instagram)

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Almost there…the girl is a BEAST with this hair!! #naturalhair #braids #twists (Taken with Instagram)

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BeautyBlackBox (UK)


Picture courtesy of Beauty Black Box website

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She’s gorgeous…great choice!!


Janelle Monae is now a CoverGirl spokeswoman! She is so beautiful, don’t you think?Β 

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