So anxious!! Time for this upgrade!!


The iphone 5 release date is being announced tomorrow! As an apple fan i cant wait to find out exactly when i wont be able to afford one :)

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Can’t believe it’s only been this long!! WOW!!

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Be you, Be Beautiful, Be yourself!


Be you, Be Beautiful, Be yourself!

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Want longer natural hair? Check out this BGLH article...check out the style icon too!

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The Black Remake of Steel Magnolias trailer…OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!! Sunday, October 7th!!

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I love your hair and your blog. Your protective styles are on point. I was wondering what products do you use on your hair (i.e. moisturizers, conditioners,etc)?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I typically use coconut oil, shea butter, Kinky Curly Knot Today and Shea Moisture conditioners.  I hope this helps and sorry for the delay.  Be Blessed!!

If you had mini twists in for 4 weeks and you start to see split ends would you think its time to take them out? And just let your hair breathe for a few days and put the mini twists back in?

I’m not sure how long you can wear mini twists, but after that amount of time I would take them out to prevent the hair from trying to loc.  I would also see about having those ends trimmed if it has been a while, that might be the reason for them splitting.  After wearing them for so long, I’d definitely give the hair a break before putting more back in.  Sorry for the delay and I hope this helps.

do you twist your hair dry or wet? when i twist mines i blow dry it to stretch it out a bit because i have major shrinkage and then i use some cantu shea butter to twist.

I typically twist mine initially while it’s wet.  After wearing it for a few days, I’ll mist it while dry before twisting it at night.  Sorry for the delayed response.  Be Blessed.

courtneyogechi's Natural Hair Journey!!!

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