Flat Iron or Pressing Comb

Which do you use for getting your natural hair straightened?

2 years ago
  1. nylakiara answered: Straightener, pressing combs scare me.
  2. ggbeanbean answered: flat iron
  3. cold-heartcharlie answered: pressin comb!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. onlysomethingamazing answered: Flat Iron!
  5. regulargirlbigdreams answered: flat iron
  6. missdamon answered: Definitely flat iron
  7. teeshteeshxo answered: Just got my hair flat ironed
  8. writingwhatcomestomind answered: Flat iron, they both can be damaging, but the hot comb really messes up my curl pattern.
  9. naturallymora answered: ol’ trust iron
  10. meganista21 answered: Flat iron bcuz you can control the heat setting.
  11. yoshutupkat answered: Pressing Comb
  12. whoknowslovee answered: Flat iron after stretching.
  13. thatratchetbehavior answered: flat iron
  14. mscupcaketeacher answered: Flat iron…. Pressing comb for the edges…
  15. pookaslogic answered: flat iron
  16. afrobohemiaan answered: Flat Iron! Pressing comb is the devil!
  17. thefiene1 answered: flat iron
  18. trudith answered: comb
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