Most of the “madness” that I experienced early on has subsided, but do people still give you a hard time about your natural hair?

2 years ago
  1. itsdakinks answered: I never got a hard time about my hair. Maybe because I grew up in a black neighbourhood. But a lot of people would tell me to perm it!
  2. locsgirl answered: Not really.
  3. ggbeanbean answered: after 4 yrs natural … not any more, most people love my hair and are motivated by it
  4. soeasilyamused answered: yes,but i am and have always been the black sheep in social circles but most of the negative stuff i get is from african americans…sad
  5. adventuresofcurlycoilykinkyhair answered: Not really! In the past, but not now.
  6. kgchrissy answered: heck yeah. Some days my Mom asks me why is my hair extra nappy that day. But, the weird part is she has natural hair too.
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