Cornrows or Box Braids…

Debating between getting layered cornrows or box braids. 

Cornrows would involve less additional hair, but would have limited styling.

Box braids would have more diversity in styling, but would be heavier and require more additional hair.

What do you suggest?

2 years ago
  1. ikandiprincess answered: Go with BoxBraids. Im considering them myself for the summer.
  2. selfgenesis answered: cornrows. its summer be lazy!
  3. youngblackandveganfitblr answered: braids! i get hair add so i need things that i can switch up. especially with summer coming!
  4. westmorelandgoddess answered: box braids, I have been rocking mine for almost a month now, so easy and styling is also super easy
  5. eleganttragedy answered: box braids
  6. orange-rae answered: box braids!
  7. temporarybliss12 answered: box braids definately
  8. jskinz answered: It depends on how long you want to keep the braids in. For a week or two, get cr’s. But if you want to keep them in for about a month bb.
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