Gorgeous styling!!


NO heat flexi rod set. Did this a few weeks ago, but just posting :-)  Was attending a wedding, so I wanted to look SHAAAHHHP!

Picture 1) Flexi rods, wide tooth comb, brush, cap, coditioner, Karen’s Beautiful hair butter, lemon juice, ACV, amla oil, spray bottle, hair clips

Picture 2)  BEFORE the process begins…Woooh!!

Picture 3) Spray bottle with ACV and lemon juice. Helps with itchy/flakey scalp, adds very nice sheen, acts as a rinse agent. Massaged into scalp and worked through hair. Left in hair for 1 hour.

Picture 4) Rinsed out ACV/lemon juice, did a cowash, detangled with wide tooth comb, applied hair butter and leave in conditioner. Dryed with a t-shirt. No towels for hair ladies!! Unless microfiber. Towels strip hair of moisture.

Picture 5) Hair is damp, has been hair drying for a while. Beginning to section off to put in flexi rods

Picture 6) Applied mixture of setting lotion and amla oil to sectioned pieces of hair, then put in flexi rods. I used several different size rods, and smaller ones around my face to really frame my face and create some nice volume

Picture 7) Took down rods

Picture 8) The AFTER…Spread curls with fingers, fluffed and moisturized with a little hair butter

Picture 9) Fuego…Just being playful ;-)  Hawt, shiny, healthy curls!

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