Newly Natural: Tanthia Prescott


1. What made you decide to go natural?

My natural decision was involuntary.  I really just always wore extentions and just only relaxed the part that was out.

2. How long did you transition?

I will have to say I went a whole year without a relaxer.

3. Explain your transition/big chop experience.

I would see women with pretty curly hair and would be low-key envious, but never thought about it much after the first glance. Although deep down I wanted to, I convinced myself that I was “too prissy for a fro” or “wouldn’t be cute with short hair” (I wanted to do it right, big chop and all).  In January my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I promised her that if she lost her hair that I would big chop.  When the first patch of her hair fell out, I took out my extentions and she was so impressed with my hair she asked me not to cut it. So to please her, I wore my real hair, straightened it with a flat iron and loved it.  Then I started to do braid outs, twist outs and really fell in love, and so did my mom.  Around March 10, 2012 my mother was COMPLETELY bald.  I was getting the itch to cut to see my actual curl pattern, so on March 25, 2012 I was at work on YouTube, and I felt like I didnt keep my end of the bargain with her.  I felt so guilty and like I had made a statement based on emotion and the moment. I didn’t like that feeling so I told everyone that I was going to chop it that night.  Nobody believed me, I was so sure I started to cut my hair right at my desk with a locker mirror and a pair of paper scissors. There was no turning back.  I got home and finished the job. I included my mommy in the chop I asked her to cut the back and she did.

4. What advice do you have for anyone thats thinking about going natural?

"My advice would be just to do your research, ask questions and try everything you want until you find what works for your hair and it looks how you want it to look. The products can get expensive so try sample sizes first!

2 years ago