7.31.12 Today’s style: flat twisted the top layer of cornrows across my crown and wearing the other layer of cornrows and box braids straight back. iLike. #teamnatural #cornrows #boxbraids #protectivestyling #naturalhairdaily (Taken with Instagram)

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Simple, but beautiful cornrows.  iLike.

Simple, but beautiful cornrows.  iLike.

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Tied four braids from each side of my crown in a knot to pull the hair back…How Cool is That?!? ❤, thanks again @missdreeks!! #naturalhair #braids #cornrows (Taken with Instagram)

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Thanks for the Tip!!

I got my ends of my cornrows redone and they worked well this time with rolling the tips back and forth between her fingers.  Thanks for the advice @whoknowslovee and @lovebellanaija!!!

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My Summer 2012 Style: Three layered cornrows with individual box braids at the back. Only used 1.5 bags of hair, so the style isnt heavy like I thought it would be.

Now ready for Essence this weekend, then Florida and Colorado before months end!!!

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How can you get the ends of your braids to burn/melt properly when they aren’t acting right?

How can you get the ends of your braids to burn/melt properly when they aren’t acting right?  

My ends aren’t burning like they should, and as a result the braids’ ends are sticking together and some are trying to come undone on the ends.  Please send any suggestions my way!!!

Thanks in advance and be blessed!!

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Four hours, one bag. @missdreeks #braids #cornrows #naturalhair (Taken with Instagram)

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Cornrows or Box Braids…

Debating between getting layered cornrows or box braids. 

Cornrows would involve less additional hair, but would have limited styling.

Box braids would have more diversity in styling, but would be heavier and require more additional hair.

What do you suggest?

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Essence Magazine, July 2011 issue

Check out page 60…cornrows, twists and locs-oh my!

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I haven’t had cornrows in a while and I got my Mama to do them for me this past weekend.  She tried to complain at first as she began with the sides.  Complaining, fussing about the “nappiness”,etc.  Mind you, I had been wearing a big twist out on an extremely windy day, so it did start off pretty rocky.

After she began though, she had to admit that my hair (well at least 85% of it) was very manageable and she was able to do my braids with ease.  Going to create a puff within the coming days, will post photos when that happens.

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