Me on this beautiful 3.16.12 and my hair had some act right today! I ❤ when she behaves!! (Taken with instagram)

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3.2.12 The most care free style ever! Love it! (Taken with instagram)

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At the salon…anxious to see the end result!!

At the salon…anxious to see the end result!!

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Bantu Knot Styling (Taken with instagram)

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Today’s styling: Large flat twists across the front, remainder of the hair twisted back.  I used Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Worker and styled all of my hair while it was dry, finger parted and perm rodded the ends.  Photos forthcoming to show the end result in the morning.

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Large flat twists with a side ponytail…experimenting with new styles.

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This evening’s hair took me about 5.5 to 6 hours from start to finish.  

I started by detangling into four sections with my Tangle Teaser.  Next I shampoo with my Shea Moisture shampoo and afterwards I applied the Shea Moisture Masque to each section, clipped them and tied my hair up with a plastic grocery bag (thanks for the tip Tam).  

After wearing the masque for about 40 minutes, I rinsed it out and began to twist with a mixture of Knot Today, coconut oil and Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker.  One flat twist across the front and a head full of twists later, TaDa.  Let’s see how it looks in the morning though.

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Natural Hair How-To: Flat Twisting 101

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First stage of my Hair Showcase style (Taken with instagram)

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Practicing my flat twists…it’s getting better.

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Tried to accomplish two large flat twists since I’ve realized I can do it.  Gotta keep practicing to get it right.

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Quick and Simple flat twist tutorial.  Practice makes perfect.

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So I’m sitting her watching a video…and I finally am able to flat twist my hair!!!! So proud right now!

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Afya, Nywele Na Mwili: Flat Twist/Flat Twist Out !

I REALLY need to learn how to flat twist…so pretty.


Flat twists are essentially cornrows, but using 2 strands of hair instead of 3. Part your hair using a rat tail comb or something to make the parts sharp. Separate section into 2 strands at the hairline. Wind one strand over the other like a rope, picking up hair as you move down the…

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